Banda has historically received around 125cm of rainfall per year. This feeds into seasonal streams. Rivers and springs around the mountains provide year-round water sources for the Banda region. Most villages are located within walking distance to these water sources, and in recent times villages can also draw on water through boreholes. These are historic images from the Banda region of various water sources.

The Bui Dam Hydroelectric project has brought major changes to the waterscapes of the region. It has flooded a great portion of the Bui National Park, which has implications for local wildflife habitats, but also forced the relocation of some villages away from the river. The images below show river levels below the dam site in July 2008 prior to the dam compared to July 2016 with the dam functioning. By moving the “Juxtapose” slider in the image below, you can reveal more or less of the earlier and later images.