Documents assembled here relate to the history of the Banda area of west central Ghana. Documents should be cited appropriately. Suggested citation formats are listed with each record.

Dating Asantehene Osei Kwadwo’s Campaign against Banda

About: Historians of Asante contributed their research findings to a scholarly archive known as “The Asante Collective Biography Project.” In 1979, historian Larry Yarak whose work focused on Elmina shared information on “Dating Asantehene Osei Kwado’s Campaign against the Banna” based on the study of Dutch records. The campaign occurred in the dry season of 1773-74 and resulted in a number of war captives being traded to the Dutch at Elmina as described in this document.

To cite: Yarak, Larry. 1979. Dating Asantehene Osei Kwadwo’s Campaign against the Banna. Asantesɛm 10 (January 1979):58

1894 Treaty of Friendship and Trade

About:  In December 1894, George Ekem Ferguson, a representative of the Gold Coast Colonial Government, visited the Banda area and met with representatives of the Banda chief at Lawra (later called Bui) where they concluded a Treaty of Friendship and Trade. Ferguson’s account of his visit is included along with the text of the treaty.

To cite: CO879/41 No. 479 African (West). Gold Coast. Further Correspondence Respecting the Missions of Mr. G. E. Ferguson and the Extent of British Influence in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast Colony. Colonial Office, September 1895; no. 57 January 22, 1895. Sir W. B. Griffith to the Marquess of Ripon, Enclosures 1 & 2: “Mr. Ferguson to the Governor” December 15, 1894; “Treaty of Friendship and Freedom of Trade, Lawra, 5 December.” Public Records Office, London.

1911 Rules with Respect to the Regulation of Towns and Villages

About: Early in the period of colonial rule, the Gold Coast Colonial Government worked to reshape life in villages and towns by imposing rules governing the layout of towns, the location of town amenities (water sources, toilets) and even in some cases the layout of houses. While these “Regulations of Towns and Villages” were not always followed, this document provides insight into the aims of colonial administrators.

To cite: Ghana National Archives, Kumasi. 483 3633 2919. 1911. Rules with Respect to the Regulation of Towns and Villages under Section 27 of the Ashanti Administration Ordinance, 1902. Government Press, Accra.