Banda Heritage Resources

An aim of the “Banda Thru Time” project is to connect community with cultural heritage resources. The growing use of cellular devices and access to internet make it possible for people to access these resources digitally through this repository to which a number of researchers have contributed.

Among the resources are texts of oral histories recorded by scholars over the decades and documents from historical archives relevant to history of people in the Banda area.

Other heritage resources include images (photos and videos) from scholars’ archives to which we want to broaden access. To view resources relevant to a specific family or village/town, enter the family or town name into the search box on this page. You can also find a listing of individual family names with links to their histories on the oral histories page.

For additional information on the Banda area of west central Ghana, visit the Banda thru Time web portal hosted by the University of Victoria’s Online Academic Community where you will find more information on the area’s history. For information on the Banda Research Project that has produced these web resources, see Banda Research Project.

The repository is a living archive that will be expanded to include more visual resources as well as resources from archaeological investigations in the area.

Thanks are extended to Michigan State University’s MATRIX Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences for hosting the Banda thru Time repository and to organizers of the Digital Archaeological Institute on Method and Practice and its NEH sponsorship through which this project was initiated. Respectful appreciation is extended to all those members of Banda communities who contributed to and consulted about the digital heritage resources made available here.


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